Submitting Your Vehicle For Cash In 30 Minutes!

  • 1. Click on ‘Get A Quote’ to submit the details of your vehicle
  • 2. One of our team members will get in touch with you and organise to inspect your vehicle at our office. Alternatively, a team member can inspect your vehicle at a place that is more convenient for you, however, this delays the timeframe in which the funds and paperwork is completed. All paperwork and cash handling MUST be done at our office
  • 3. Our team member will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a maximum loan amount that we can provide you
  • 4. Our interest rate is 40% per month.
  • 5. Visit our office to complete your paperwork. Registration papers and 100 points ID must be supplied.
  • 6. Collect your cash! Its that simple.

Repaying Your Loan

  • 1. Please ensure you read your pledge docket for information on when your loan is due. For example, if your loan is due on the 5th of the month, you have until close of business on the 5th of the month(5pm) to pay your interest payment OR, payout the debt and collect your vehicle.
  • 2. For every interest payment you make, your loan is extended by 1 month. So, if you’re unable to collect your vehicle by the due date, just make a interest payment to extend your loan, its that easy!
  • 3. During the loan process, we will confirm your credit card and identity. This ensures you are able to repay your loan via credit card over the phone, alternatively, you can visit our office and pay via cash or card.

Collecting Your Vehicle

  • 1. All vehicles are kept offsite for the safety and security of your vehicle.
  • 2. We require 24 hours notice in order to collect your vehicle. In most instances, we can arrange to have your vehicle collected from our office in a quicker time frame.
  • 3. To collect your vehicle you need your loan docket or your photo ID. Without either of these forms of identification, we are unable to release any vehicle.