30 Minute Cash Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To Your Car Pawn loan and Hock My Car Questions From Sydney's Fastest Growing Auto Pawn Lender!

Our car pawn loan system works so that you borrow directly against the vehical you wager. We grant advances based on the value of your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, caravan, Jet Ski or boat.

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The average applicant is approved in about 15 minutes. It may take longer to verify some borrowers. 

You do not have to show proof of employment to start the pawn car for cash process. 

Yes, it is possible to take out a car hock loan while owing money on your asset. The golden ticket, however, is a borrower who wants to hock a car that is paid off. 

In many cases, it is possible to hock your car even if the vehicle is only partially in your name. Other verification steps may be necessary to finalize the vehicle pawn process. 

You only need your photo ID along with proof of your ownership of the item being wagered to hock a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or caravan. 

The average car pawn loan comes with a short term. You will however, have the ability to pay off the loan as quickly or spaced over tie as needed! Just make your interest payment and we will extend your loan for another month.

Pawn Broker prides itself on having some of the lowest fees in the industry at only 40% interest rate.

You repay your car pawn loan when you come to pick up your car, truck, boat, caravan, or motorcycle. You may also set up a repayment schedule for your vehicle pawn loan so that you don’t have to pay everything at once. Our options for monthly payments include direct debit as well as traditional repayment plans. Of course, all of the fees attached to extended payment plans are outlined in the contract and explained by 30 Minute Cash representatives before customers sign the agreements. 

You will need to repay the entire loan to regain possession of your items. There are, however, several ways for you to satisfy the requirements of repayment. You can get an extension on your car pawn loan that lets you only pay the interest for a time. You will need to speak with a 30 Minute Cash representative to obtain such an arrangement.

Customers who, even after extensions, cannot afford to repay their advances will have their items sold at auction to cover the loan amount. You may receive the money left over from the deal if there is more than enough funds to cover your car pawn loan. 

30 Minute Cash is your trusted pawn shop in Sydney. We are family-owned and always ready to help. Call us for quick cash when a financial emergency arises. We’re here for you!