Caravan Pawn Loan

Caravan Pawn Loan

Get fast cash with a caravan pawn loan and save the money that you would spend on storage fees when you let a 30 Minute Cash house your caravan for the winter with a caravan loan. Pawn your caravan with the right broker and love the added benefits!

Use Your Caravan For

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The day that you bought your caravan was the best day of your life. It was in that moment, when you signed the papers of ownership, that you understood what it meant to be a road warrior. You have traveled the country with your home-on-wheels hitched onto the back of your vehicle. Repairs and overall maintenance for your caravan, however, grows every year. Maybe it’s time to sell your prized vehicle. Or, perhaps you should look to pawn your caravan.

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“Why would I take out a loan against my caravan that is paid off?” 
That’s a good question. Why would you go through the car pawn loan process if your caravan is the one item that you have worked to own? The very fact that you have labored to have property should motivate you to take full advantage of such ownership. 

Your caravan was not made to be a burden. The repairs that you pay for due to its sedentary state outside can be avoided by utilizing a storage unit. A car pawn loan pays you to keep your vehicle stored for several weeks. Imagine your caravan being protected from the elements while you repay a much-needed advance that you took out against the merchandise. 

How to Pawn Your Boat or Other watercraft

The first step in getting a caravan pawn loan is to gather your title and photo ID. Fill out the online form and wait for us to call you back right away. You then need to take such information to a broker who can inspect your vehicle and determine how much you can borrow based on its worth. Then let 30 Minute Cash store your caravan for you while you go spend your cash loan!

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Items such as boats and caravans sometimes have higher values because of their uniqueness. It seems that everyone has a car these days. Not everyone is the proud owner of a camper. 

Many applicants find that they receive cashfast when all of their paperwork is in order. There are times when the loan against car process is delayed for further verification of information. 

Pawn Broker lets you borrow up to $100,000 against your caravan. Call them today at 1 300 871 250 to get the vehicle pawn loan process started! 

What are the risks of getting a loan against my caravan?

 There are no risks that come with you enlisting the help of 30 Minute Cash with a loan against your caravan for cash. In fact, you stand to lose more by trying to get around this option and pay the bills by “other means.” Your camper travels the most when you are on vacation. Unfortunately, such time of relaxation from work is usually only two weeks out of the year. 

What About Storage?

There is also the matter of storage. A unit that can house your caravan during the winter months is certainly not cheap. The average caravan owner leaves his vehicle sitting in the driveway or backyard of his home for 351 out of 365 days of the year. 
Imagine being able to look forward to lucrative holidays all because of your caravan’s value. Such can be the case when you obtain a vehicle pawn advance on the camper. 

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