Car Title Loans

Car Title Loans

By filling out our quote form here online you can start the process of turning your car in to cash. 30 Minute Cash offers Car Title Loans with low interest rates and a simple straight forward loan process. 

Who is it for?

You were not expecting the refrigerator to break so quickly. You knew that it was on the fritz, but the sudden thump and death of your appliance has placed you in quite the bind. Money has already been lost on the spoiled food. You cannot afford to continue eating out. You need cash fast! Let us help with our fast and easy car title loans.


You have heard of car title pawn loans, which offer you the ability to exchange the ownership papers of your car for the money you need now. But you may have wondered how this process works or if it is a good fit for you.

After filling out the online form one of our representative will be in contact with you right away. You will be able to bring your car in for a quick inspection and some basic necessary paperwork. As soon as that is completed we are able to send you on your way with your fast Cash!

30 Minute Cash makes it our mission to educate customers on the process of hocking their car for cash to eliminate confusion and show our commitment. With an easy straight forward process and some of the safest storage facility options in the area, we provide our customers with the best experience every day!

"When should I Get A Car Title Loan Against My Car?"

Anytime is the right time to hock your car. There are, of course, instances where a vehicle title pawn advance is especially helpful. These include: 

Housing Funds

  • Moving costs not limited to a deposit and first month’s rent for your new apartment.
  • Funds needed for rent or mortgage.  


  • Extra funds for car repairs.
  • Cover home repairs or improvements.
  • Repairs for phone or other devices.

Bills & Expenses

  •  Money for Credit Card Payments.
  • Loans to cover late utility payments.
  • Money for the holidays.

Of course, you try to be frugal throughout the year and save for all of these instances. There is, however, a thing called life that sometimes catches you by surprise. Sometimes, in all of your diligence in budgeting and saving, you still may find yourself on the lean side when it comes to extra funds. A car pawn loan can help you meet the need without feeling guilty about taking funds from somewhere else. 

How Does Title Pawn Work

The average car title pawn loan is a great way to get cash fast. You only need to show photo ID and proof of ownership to start the loan against your car process

Many borrowers will find that they are approved for the cash they need in 15 minutes. Some customers may need to go through a few more steps of verification before receiving confirmation of their vehicle pawn loan.

Where To Start

A car Title pawn loan is a great way to get cash fast. The only thing that stands in the way of you getting the extra money that you need is finding the right shop. 

30 Minute Cash is in business to proudly offer the pawn car for cash option to Sydney residents. Bring us your title and photo ID today so that we can have the funds you need in your bank account within the hour. How much of a relief is that? 

Hock Your Ride, Get Fast Cash Today!

Contact 30 Minute Cash today and get the cash you need from any vehicle title you don’t need!

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