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Boat Pawn Loan

30 Minute Cash offers instant loans against your boat or jet ski for up to $20,000 and provides storage for you for the duration of your loan! Fill out our form today and see how 30 Minute Cash can help you turn your watercraft in to cash any time of year!

Why Pawn Your Boat?

Boat owners often feel the brunt of having a watercraft when the winter months come. It is during this season that owners must find places to store their boats, which can sometimes get expensive. It is during the cool months, when watercraft stands to suffer the most damage. So why not turn that boat in to cash with a boat pawn loan with 30 Minute Cash!

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You have heard of car title pawn loans, which offer you the ability to exchange the ownership papers of your car for the money you need now. But you may have wondered how this process works or if it is a good fit for you.

After filling out the online form one of our representative will be in contact with you right away. You will be able to bring your car in for a quick inspection and some basic necessary paperwork. As soon as that is completed we are able to send you on your way with your fast Cash!

30 Minute Cash makes it our mission to educate customers on the process of hocking their car for cash to eliminate confusion and show our commitment. With an easy straight forward process and some of the safest storage facility options in the area, we provide our customers with the best experience every day!

How to Pawn Your Boat or Other watercraft

30 Minute Cash makes it easy to hock your boat for fast cash. Follow the steps below to get a no credit check, cash loan in 30 minutes or less:

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Fill Out The Form Online

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Get an Inspection of Your Boat

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Fill Out Paperwork in Office

Collect Your Fast Cash Loan

Just as with a vehicle pawn, you will need to show proof of ownership before taking out an advance on your boat. Photo ID is also necessary to complete the boat pawn loan process. 

There are no specific income requirements to get an advance since, after all, you are using your vessel to get cash fast. Pawn Broker lets you make payment arrangements that include paying interest only for a time to fulfill the terms of your agreement and retrieve your watercraft. 

We pride ourselves on thoroughly explaining all things before letting you sign on the dotted line. Do not torture yourself by being without the things that you need because of low funds. Call us today at 1 300 871 250 to get a boat pawn loan! 

What is a Boat Pawn Loan?

A boat pawn loan is an advance that you borrow against the value of your watercraft. The process involves you showing proof of ownership and getting an appraisal from one of our representatives on the value of your watercraft. 

What About Storage?

One of the best things that come with a boat pawn loan is storage. You are usually responsible for keeping your watercraft in a safe place when it is not being used to aid in your voyage efforts. Anyone who has ever rented space for their boat knows that securing such spot is not cheap. Pawn Broker offers you a way to get paid for storing your prized possession. Now, how is that for frugality and efficiency? 

Reasons To Pawn Your Boat

The number one reason why you should consider getting a boat pawn loan is that a watercraft loses its value fast. Just as with a car, a boat depreciates the moment that you purchase the product. 

On average, a watercraft loses about 20 percent of their value during the first year of ownership. The resale value only decreases as vessels are worth 15 percent less the second year and nearly 50 percent less three years down the road. Imagine paying upwards of $50,000 for a boat only to learn that can only be sold for $20,000 when you need extra cash. A boat pawn loan gives you the money that you need now and provides a streamline by which you can get cash fast in the future. 

Another reason to get a boat pawn advance is that of the cost of maintenance. The average yearly maintenance cost for watercraft is around 10 percent of the vessel’s purchase price. You can, in other words, expect to pay around $10,000 per year for a watercraft that has already cost you $100,000. Where is the savings in that? 

Pawn Broker provides some relief to the financial burden associated with owning a boat. You get a return on your investment quickly through our rapid process that offers you cash fast. You can kick the storage unit fees associated with your boat when you let us store the vessel during the repayment period. We take care of your items as if they were our own. 

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