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Secured Auto Pawn Loans By 30 Minute Cash

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Who We Are

As a family-based business 30 Minute Cash is here to serve the Sydney area with Secured Auto Pawn Loans. 30 Minute Cash serves customers who want to hock their cars, trucks, caravans, and boats for the cash that they need. 

Our process is rather simple, you start things off by bringing the item that you want to wager along with your photo ID and title papers. We then inspect what you have brought to us and offer you a deal based on the condition of your item. Our offers can range anywhere from $100 to $20,000. Imagine yourself coming into our office in severe need of cash and walking out with the funds that you need the same day all because you chose to hock your car. 30 Minute Cash is all about turning that dream into a reality!

One of the benefits that you get when you pawn your car for cash with us is a speedy process. There is no 7-day waiting period between your approved application and funds being deposited into your bank account. At 30 Minute Cash, we believe you deserve to get the money you need fast. 

Another perk is the no credit check feature. There is no need for us to look into your past financial history when you have a possession in front of you to serve as collateral for the money you need. 

Why We Are The Best Option When Looking To Hock Your Car

30 Minute Cash can give you cash in minutes with a Secured Auto Pawn Loan against your car. We also offer the option of extended payment plans in which you may pay the interest of the advance for a short time until you can resume full payments. 

Perhaps the best thing about our service is the fact that you stand to gain more than you could ever lose. 30 Minute Cash agents thoroughly explain the process of hocking your car so that you completely understand what it takes to have it back in your possession. And not to worry if, after exhausting all means, you find yourself unable to repay the advance. We will sell your item on your behalf and may even give you the surge of the amount received after deducting what you owe on the advance. 

30 Minute Cash has a dedication to excellent customer service. You are more than “just another customer” to us. You are a partner in our operations. 

We would love to show you how we treat our partners. Call us today at 02-9683-6772 to pawn your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, caravan, jet ski, and more! 

What We Do- Secured Auto Pawn Loans

Picture of an auto pawn broker exchanging keys for cash. Taken in North South Wales, Australia.

30 Minute Cash is focused on making the loan process simple. You get the ball rolling when you fill out our quote form online. One of our agents will call you within 15 minutes and set up a visit to our location with your car, motorcycle, boat, truck or caravan. Just bring your photo ID and Proof of ownership so that the approval process is fast.

Upon arrival we can conduct a quick inspection and approve you for funds from $100 to $20,000, depending on the value of your wagered item. Among the many perks associated with our loan against car service are same-day funding and no credit checks. You do not even need to show proof of employment when you apply for an advance with Pawn Broker. Our decision to give you funding is solely based on the item that you wager. Generally, the application and approval process takes about 30 minutes. There are times when additional verification is necessary and, thus, more time is needed for us to make a decision.     


30 Minute Cash is located in South Windsor and serves the following areas:

  • West Sydney
  • North/ North West Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Penrith
  • Blacktown
  • Parramatta
  • Liverpool
  • Hawkesbury
  • Castle Hill
  • Mt. Druitt

Secured Auto Pawn Loans in Sydney, NSW

How We Are Different

30 Minute Cash does not put pressure on you regarding repayment terms. We let you decide how long you want the loan period to last and even give you the option of an extended repayment term in which you can pay only the interest for a short time. Generally we provide Secured Auto Pawn Loan terms from one day to three months. 

There are no hidden fees when you choose a pawn deal with us. We thoroughly explain all elements of the contract so that you understand your responsibilities and our promise to you. 

We do not, store your car, boat, truck, motorcycle, or caravan in “any old place.” At Pawn Broker, we pride ourselves on treating our customers’ possessions like our own. We keep your items in a secure place and do not charge exorbitant fees for the service.