• Get up to $20,000
  • Fast Cash in 30 Minutes
  • No Credit Checks
  • Quick and Hassle Free
  • No Proof of Income – Cashflow Required​


*Car must be presented at our office to ensure cash within 30 minutes. If you require one of our team members to visit a location suitable for you then it will delay the timeframe.

Hock a Car for a Quick Cash Loan!


  • Click on ‘Get A Quote’ to submit the details of your vehicle
  • One of our team members will get in touch with you and organise to inspect your vehicle at our office. Alternatively, a team member can inspect your vehicle at a place that is more convenient for you, however, this delays the timeframe in which the funds and paperwork is completed. All paperwork and cash handling MUST be done at our office
  • Our team member will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a maximum loan amount that we can provide you
  • Our interest rate is 40% per month.
  • Visit our office to complete your paperwork. Registration papers and 100 points ID must be supplied.
  • Collect your cash! Its that simple.

Pawn Your Vehicle For Fast Cash

Even the most financially savvy people can be taken by surprise when an unexpected hardship occurs. Imagine saving enough for a rainy day only to have thunder and lightning wipe out both your checking and savings accounts all at once. What are you going to do for money? How will you pay the bills?

30 Minute Cash is the solution to your financial burden! We let you pawn your automobiles, boats, caravans and more so that you can get cash fast! The best thing about 30 Minute Cash is its rapid process! We do not put you through the same hassle of ordinary title loan lenders. Get fast cash today to take your worries away! 

Life happens, and we understand that! Sometimes emergencies can put us in a bind and we need fast cash to solve life’s hiccups. 30 Minute Cash allows you to utilize your existing assets to generate the cash you need today. Hock your car, Truck, motorcycle, caravan, boat, SUV or Jet Ski to have cash in hand right away. Just as our name portrays, in most cases we can have you the cash you need in 30 Minutes or less! Just fill our form right here or give us a call to get the cash you need in the next 30 minutes!

Emergencies are not the only reason you may need cash. 30 Minute Cash understands that at times you may just need cash for something you would like, and what better way than to utilize what you already have to fund it! Hock your Car, truck, boat, caravan, or jet ski for cash in hand the same day. By utilizing what you already have on hand 30 Minute Cash simplifies the daunting process of getting quick cash when you need it!

Are you desperately in need of a holiday but don’t have the cash? 30 Minute Cash can get you up to $20,000 to take the holiday you deserve! You work hard for your money, but it is not always enough and here at 30 Minute Cash we understand. Get the money to take the holiday of your dreams today!

Dropped your $1000 iPhone again? Or maybe you kid threw a ball at your 60” TV in the middle of football season. No worries! 30 Minute Cash has you covered with a vehicle pawn loan to fund all your technology woes! Things happen in life and being a family owned business 30 Minute Cash gets this better than most. Contact us today and let us help you get the quick cash you need!

30 Minute Cash is Sydney’s highest quality auto pawn shop. Call us today to hock your ride for quick cash!

30 Minute Cash Offers No Credit Check Loans Against Your:



Jet Ski




30 Minute Cash is a licensed pawnbroker in New South Wales. We are a family-owned business that is considered as one of the top auto pawn lenders in the region. 

30 Minute Cash has proven to be a broker that customers can trust. We give you all of the details before you hock a car. We also let you pawn your boats, caravans, motorcycles, and trucks for cash. 

The car for cash program that we offer differs in more ways than one. Perhaps, the greatest thing that sets us apart is the incredible customer service we offer our clients. We make a person feel like more than “just another borrower.” In fact, the “family feel” is why customers keep coming back for more. 

Another aspect that makes our business different is the lending process is 30 Minute Cash does not operate in the same manner as a traditional title loan company. With no proof of income or credit checks required we are able to get customers the money they are looking for within a few minutes. 30 Minute Cash also offers flexible repayment plans to protect your vehicle and make your life easier. We also hold your car, truck, caravan, motorcycle, or boat in a safe indoor storage facility while you repay your loan. Many of our customers have referred their friends and family to us, due to the fact that we not only make the process quick and easy but also take excellent care of their possessions.

30 Minute Cash is self-funded and can loan upwards of $20,000 against vehicles of all kinds. Your boat sitting at the dock can actually make you money every winter. Imagine that! 

As a second-hand dealer, we operate without restrictions and provide loans in cash.

Call us today at 1 300 871 250 to get cash fast for your car, truck, motorcycle, caravan or boat! 

How We Work

You may be excited to learn about the possibility of getting the funds you need fast. You may wonder, however, “How do I get a loan against my car that is paid off?” The answer to that question is straightforward. 

You only need your photo ID along with proof of vehicle ownership to get the process going. Of course, it would be necessary for you to have physical possession of the item you want to pawn. You will need to store the car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or caravan for the duration of the loan. Not to worry about the storage process, though. 30 Minute Cash takes delight in keeping our customers’ items protected. 

Why should I choose 30 Minute Cash to Hock my car? 

Many consumers, when under a tight financial bind, resort to finding “any old” broker with which to negotiate a cash for cars deal. The problem with this method of search is the lack of full knowledge about the program. You could very well give your car to a company that charges high-interest rates and has little flexibility on helping you maintain ownership of your vehicle. 30 Minute Cash makes the difference by offering customers more options, lower interest rates and greater flexibility. 

We are a highly trusted financial entity in Sydney and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. In most cases, we are able to get customers all the funds they need right away, which means that you can hock a car and get your cash in just 30 minutes.

We pride ourselves on educating customers about the process of hocking their vehicle. We offer transparency in easy to understand language so that our clients feel at home when doing business with us. We want ever customer to feel 100% comfortable with hocking their vehicle with us.

Another reason to choose us is that of our general care. Unlike our competitors we also offer clients the safest storage solutions for their vehicles. We respect that you trust us with your possessions and want to offer them the utmost care and security while they are in our hands. We understand that your possessions are valuable, which is why we take great care in storing them in secure facilities. This perk is especially beneficial to boat owners since winter months require storage of watercraft. Imagine getting the cash you need and keeping your boat in a safe place! 

Imagine needing money for the electric bill in the morning and having funds by that afternoon. 30 Minute Cash’s process makes it possible! 

30 Minute Cash offers a myriad of options when it comes to hocking vehicles. You can, of course, hock a car. There is also the option of pawning a motorcycle and caravan. We see value in every auto type. 

You do not repay a 30 Minute Cash loan right away, which means that you have a bit of breathing room in between an emergency that called for extra funds and the reimbursement period. There is also no 7-day waiting period with 30 Minute Cash. You get the cash you need fast!

Some would-be borrowers shy away from the notion of a title loan for fear of the hidden costs. You walk into the lending office needing just a few hundred dollars. You walk out agreeing to pay to much more in return for the advance. 30 Minute Cash strives to help customers ease their stress by offering easy solutions for repayment and extending your loan without hassle or penalty. Our service is designed to let you trade in your vehicles for the money you need to survive and thrive.

Borrow money against my car: How much can I get? 

30 Minute Cash lets you borrow anywhere from $100 to $20,000 in a matter of minutes! You can walk in with the burden of paying this month’s mortgage and walk out with all the cash you need. 

Don’t have an emergency but just want some extra cash? We do that too! At 30 Minute Cash you can borrow money for anything you would like!

  • Fund a Holiday
  • Get a new phone
  • Buy a new TV or laptop
  • Buy new game console
  • Get gifts for friends and family
  • Show your loved one a good time
  • Take some time off work
If you are still looking for more information check out our FAQ and How It Works Page.

Whatever you need quick cash for, 30 Minute Cash is here for you!

Hock your car for cash, no proof of Income required!

30 Minute Cash is here to get you the money you need fast without all the hoops of traditional lenders. The average traditional loan requires proof of employment status or some other form of income. Here at 30 Minute Cash you can walk away today with up to $20,000 with no proof of cashflow or income.  


We do not require employment or proof of cash flow to approve you for a loan. The power is in your hands as you decide how much you want to borrow and the length of the advance period. We want our customers to trust us with their valuable assets so in turn we trust you! If you say you can repay the loan we are happy to help you get the money you need fast and without the hassle.

Easy Loan Repayment Options!

Many borrowers go for short-term pawn car loans, but if you need more time 30 Minute Cash makes it easy!


On average, a boat or vehicle hock can be contracted for 90 days. It is possible, however, to extend the repayment term if the unexpected accurs. Just pay the interest on your loan and we will extend the loan out for another month! This way you are in control of your loan repayment. 30 Minute Cash offers flexibility on your vehicle pawn that many title loan companies would never provide. With traditional lenders, if you can’t make a full payment you risk losing your collateral but with 30 Minute Cash is here to provide better options. If you get short on funds and can’t make your full repayment, you can just cover the interest and continue to be current on payments!

It is only when a client has exhausted all means of repayment and comes to the conclusion that he cannot fulfill the terms of his contract that stored items are sold for cash value. 

Contact 30 Minute Cash today For Hassle Free Cash Fast! 

We know that the unexpected is inevitable in life. There is, however, a solution to your financial woes. 30 Minute Cash lets you get a vehicle pawn loan fast. Call us today at 1 300 871 250 to get quick Cash!